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Buy or Sell… Is Now The Time?

Uncertain times.  We hear this over and over now to describe 2020, and now the beginning of 2021.  Uncertain times for sure, but what is for certain is that life goes on.  Covid-19 or not, life goes on.  Jobs change, marriage happens, d...

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Four Reasons to List your Home

Four Reasons~ In today’s current Illinois market, sellers are getting top dollar for their homes, while record-low interest rates are helping homeowners lower their mortgage payment. Here are four good reasons why it might be time to get y...

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Happy Holidays 2020

Happy Holidays from Miscella Real Estate   Our Homes became even more important this year as we quarantined and worked from home, learned from home and celebrated safely at home. We thank everyone who trusted us with finding you a...

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First Time Home Buyer, A Love Story

 First time homebuyer?   Let me give you my advice. I am a real estate agent after all. It was actually the purchase of my first home that made me want to go into this business. I had learned so much during the process I, and my husb...

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Maintaining your Home

Avoid spending your holidays handling winter disasters Ready or not here comes winter with its fluffy snow and sparkling icicles. Avoid spending your days handling winter disasters with a bit of preventive maintenance right now. It’s a goo...

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The Greatest Gift

Home ownership is known as the “American Dream” and it’s called that for a reason. One of the greatest and most rewarding experiences can be owning a home. I, like most, remember my childhood homes and all the numerous memories made wi...

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Real Estate in 2020

  2020 has been a year like no other and real estate is no exception. Unlike all of the discouraging news, however, real estate has to a large degree been a singular bright spot. The year started strong in January & February, sim...

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