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Buyers get the last bark

Now, more than ever, pets are factored into a family’s house hunting.

A online survey revealed 75% of home buyers that own pets would pass on their dream house if it weren’t the “right one” for their animals. Almost 87% of respondents took their pet needs into account when buying a home. Now more than ever, pets are factored into a family’s house hunting Buying a home that is inconvenient for your pet is a mistake that you will relive several times a day. The following list of amenities should be carefully considered before securing your new home:

  1. Fenced yard—

    Can provide your animals a safe and secure area for play. Watch HOA’s and local laws for any restrictions on fences and pet count limitation or breed.

  2. Pet friendly floors—

    Pay attention to carpets as some fibers can trap toenails and easily collect hair or odors. Wood, laminate, tile and luxury vinyl plank are more scratch resistant or easily refinished.

  3. Neighborhood accepting—

    Are there parks and sidewalks for taking walks? Is the home located in a non-high traffic area? Be aware of any wildlife that may roam in the area. Small pets could be especially in danger of encounters with coyotes or foxes.

  4. Floor plan—

    Is the home multi-level and how does your pet handle stairs? Does the home have a place, such as a mud room, for wiping paws or cleaning up? Does the home ensure room and storage for your pet’s needs.

Many owners take the time to plan ahead by making the new house appear as similar as possible to the old to ease the transition Things to consider are pet-proofing the home, keeping animals on a leash until they are accustomed to the area, get to know the neighbors, create a familiar place with beds, crates, food bowls and toys as close to the previous space as possible. Make sure animals get plenty of exercise and positive attention during what could be a stressful time.

When buyers, especially Millennials, are asked about home features that are important to them, 33% replied space for their pets was a driving motivator in their home purchase, even above marriage or children. Looks like Fido really is considered to be a critical part of the family and continues to be man’s best friend!



Written by: Debbie Gurley, Broker

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