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Are you one of 35 million?

  Are you one of 35 million? Make your move easier and stress free with these helpful hints. What a different Real Estate market we have seen in the past 24 months… Although many people enjoy having a new place and a fresh start, ot...

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Announcing Debbie Gurley as New Managing Broker

  Announcing Debbie Gurley as New Managing Broker   Austin Dempsey, President of Miscella Real Estate proudly announces long time Fox Valley Realtor, Debbie Gurley, as their new Managing Broker.  For 45 years Miscella Real Esta...

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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location… When purchasing or selling a home, your location is one of the key factors If you ask Real Estate Brokers what’s the most important item when looking for a new home, chances are they will respond “locat...

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Having an Impact

Having an Impact How much of an impact does your home have on your community Did you know that when you buy or sell a home typically there are 26 services involved in a single real estate transaction? Think about the 30 days before and afte...

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First Impressions

First Impressions An attractive exterior can make or break a home sale. Whether it’s a job interview, a first date, or putting your home on the market, first impressions really do matter. It never hurts to enhance or improve your curb app...

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Strategizing a Sellers’ Market

Strategizing a Sellers’ Market The market is booming, and it is a sellers’ market for sure…and all the talk at dinner parties…        “My cousin got $50,000 over asking AND they’re waiving the appraisal!"        “They...

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Timeless Trends

Timeless Trends As a Real Estate Broker, I am often asked “Hey Debbie, what can I do to my home, that won’t break the bank, but will still help my home sell when I’m ready?  One of the most important steps is to get a Real Estate Br...

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Home Purchasing: Before We Cross a Threshold

Home Purchasing: Before We Cross a Threshold I have been approached quite a few times this year by first time home buyers, and it has been great!  I love the excitement and energy from them.  They are finally taking that big step to their ...

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Deerpath - Batavia

New Listing – Sneak Peek: Deerpath Rd, Batavia, IL

New Listing - Sneak Peek: Deerpath Rd, Batavia, IL Have you been searching for a Ranch Home in Batavia? Here is your chance!  Come along for a tour of this listing going live next week! Debbie Gurley, Listing Agent for this home from Miscel...

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