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Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location…

When purchasing or selling a home, your location is one of the key factors

If you ask Real Estate Brokers what’s the most important item when looking for a new home, chances are they will respond “location, location, location.” Since 1926 this phrase has been used and is still relevant today. When purchasing or selling a home, your location is one of the main key factors in the decisions. What is a good location, well it may depend on your lifestyle:

The Lot:

You can do many things to fix up your new home, but physically moving it to a new location usually isn’t one of them; difficult, expensive and rarely a viable option. A good home already in a great location is usually your best bet for a long term investment. Sometimes an ideal resource is to talk with neighbors who already reside there. Do your homework and check with your city and county for any future developments. The average person moves every seven years so buy in a location that not only fits your lifestyle, but also will appeal to the largest pool of buyers for when you decide to sell.


A safe neighborhood is always a key factor and desirable feature when buying. People want to live in an area where crime is low, neighbors are friendly and walkability is easy. Do your due-diligence by looking inside a particular area and make sure the community vibe is positive and safe. Does it feel like a place whether day or night, you’ll be comfortable in?


It’s important to be in a great school district whether you have children or not. Young families with children or planning to have children make up a high percentage of potential future buyers and they are definitely focused on raising their families in a great school district. The better the school districts, the higher the value of surrounding homes.


An easy commute to work? Close proximity to biking and walking trails? A pool facility, boating/fishing, or golf course nearby? Convenient to your healthcare facilities, farmers market or community churches? Grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping? Public transportation, tollways, train stations, etc.

In the end, your neighborhood matters. What makes location so important is the fact you can’t change it. Therefore, make sure your next home includes nice curb appeal, close proximity to amenities and above all else “location, location, location!”





Written by: Debbie Gurley, Broker

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