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Timeless Trends

Timeless Trends

As a Real Estate Broker, I am often asked “Hey Debbie, what can I do to my home, that won’t break the bank, but will still help my home sell when I’m ready?  One of the most important steps is to get a Real Estate Broker involved early in the process.  Too often, Sellers will contact a Broker after they have already done numerous updates or renovations, only to find out those items weren’t necessarily needed to get their home sold for top dollar.  The market is constantly changing and this year definitely tips in a Seller’s favor.  However, whether you plan on moving or not, these timeless trends can refresh and transform any space:

  1. Introduce Greenery:

    • Plants can bring new life to end tables, empty corners and shelves, while naturally improving air quality. Succulents, snake plants, philodendron and air plants, can thrive indoors with little maintenance.  No green thumb?  Fake plants have come a long way in bearing a realistic look and have easily become a popular solution.
  2. Enhance Lighting:

    • Place multiple light sources evenly around a room to help it feel more inviting, particularly if natural light is scarce. Warm lighting is best for winding down in the evenings, while cool, bright light keeps you energized during the day.  Identify your lighting preferences and get the bulbs to match.   Do not underestimate the power of a new shade to refresh an old lamp.
  3. Evaluate Artwork:

    • The right wall décor can tie together separate elements of a room’s design and often give the illusion of more space. For example, a mirror not only upgrades an area, but will help any room feel more open.  Brighten up a space by positioning a mirror across from or close to a window, to help bounce the natural light.  Having trouble picking just one piece of art, then combine framed artwork, prints, mirrors and photos to create a tasteful gallery wall.   Keep in mind when selling, art should enhance a room and not distract from it with bringing in too much color or pattern.
  4. Accent Pieces:

    • Place items like candles, vases, bowls or books on coffee tables, nightstands and dresser/buffet tops to add a fresh new element to your space. Give your accents depth by using different shapes, sizes and color, while representing different seasons and textures in your displays.  Keep in mind textiles like pillows and throws are easy to replace and can change the entire atmosphere of a room.
  5. Rearranging Furniture:

    • Start with a vision of how you want to layout the space. Some of my favorite ways to find inspiration is on Pinterest and Houzz or other home design sites.  Measure your space and furniture providing accuracy, so you don’t have to guess or correct mistakes along the way.  Creating a scale drawing can often be helpful so you know where everything needs to go.  Let one inch equal one foot, consider typical traffic patterns and leave enough space to access closets, outlet and doors.  And one of my favorite tools is using one of the many design apps to create a digital mockup of your new arrangement.  Not sure where to start, try MagicPlan, Décor Matters and Room Plan Pro.

Reinvigorating spaces not only enlightens a home, but it is easy to do with these timeless trends.   And when it is your time to sell, the updates you made will say “Welcome Home”!




Written by: Debbie Gurley, Broker

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