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Light and space sell homes…you want your home to look its best as buyers cross the threshold.

As a seller, you want your home to look its best as buyers cross the threshold. The majority of buyers start their home search online first. Photos are one of the most important components of a listing. If photos don’t pique a buyer’s interest right away, they likely won’t take the next step of making an appointment to see your home. According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of buyer’s agents believe staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home, 49% believe staging a home increases the dollar valued offered, and 62% believe it decreases the amount of time a home spends on the market.

Make your home stand out, whether in pictures or in person, by using these staging tips:

Clear the clutter

  • Highlight the design elements of your home by removing unnecessary items and personal touches, thereby creating a blank canvas for prospective buyers to visualize the space as their own.

Rearrange furniture

  • Although it may be tempting to move furniture against walls, this can make the room appear smaller and less inviting. Moving furniture together can give the impression of a more spacious area of warmth and comfort.

Improve lighting

  • Use a combination of lighting options from overhead lighting, floor and table lamps, to wall lighting for creating ambience. Let as much light as possible into your home by opening all blinds and curtains and turning on all lights, thus making rooms appear larger.

Clean, clean and clean again

  • You want every inch of your home to shine and without odors. When a buyer sees a clean home, they believe the home has been maintained.

Neutral it is

  • A fresh coat of neutral paint (gray, white, beige, taupe) can brighten a room and make a big difference. Bolder colors often distract from a room’s real assets and don’t often highlight what potential a buyer can see. Keeping it neutral allows buyers to pay attention to the property’s features.

Update with ease

  • While too many items can detract from a home’s value, adding a few small touches like throws, pillows, and plants can add some style and make the home more welcoming.

Initial impression

  • The first thing most buyers see when pulling up at your home is your front door and curb appeal. Remove any dead or dying plantings, trim the bushes, replace the worn doormat, repaint the front door, power wash stoops and patios if needed. Making a first good impression emits to buyers’ good things to come.

Light and space sell homes…the more space and light you create with staging, the higher dollar you can gain. Use these tips and your pictures will show it, more importantly your buyers will appreciate it with their offers.




Written by: Debbie Gurley, Broker

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