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Downsizing? Here are Some Tips for Seniors in Fox Valley, IL

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Downsizing is never easy. It’s a process that takes a toll on you physically and emotionally. However, by taking things one step at a time and having the right attitude, it can also be highly fulfilling as you relive memories and look forward to a new life in your new home.

Whether you’re downsizing for yourself or helping an elderly relative, these tips can help you have a smooth and stress-free process.

  1. Choose the place to move to

Knowing where you’re moving to can relieve you of much of the stress, as well as guide you in downsizing. In choosing your next home, among the things to consider are the kind of assistance you need, access to home care and a medical facility, the lifestyle you want, and your budget.

Your choices include:

  • An active retirement community
  • An assisted-living community for seniors who need help in their daily activities
  • A smaller home or condo that’s easier to manage
  • The home of a child or a relative


Whether you’re moving just across town or into Fox Valley, you’ll find plenty of options for your next home. In addition to assisted living communities and nursing homes, you’ll also find senior apartments and smaller homes near some of the Valley’s best destinations and urban conveniences.

  1. Start early

It’s best to start the downsizing process as soon as you’ve made the decision to move. Give yourself plenty of time. Going through belongings you’ve accumulated over many years takes more than a weekend to complete.

  1. Know what you need

Think about the lifestyle you’ll have in your new home and identify your needs. How much space will you have and what furnishings will you need? Do you need to bring kitchen implements, and if so, what and how many of each should you bring? Should you take some appliances with you? These are just some of the questions you have to ask yourself to guide you in sorting your belongings.

  1. Decide on how to dispose of things you’re not taking with you

You have several options:

  • Give them away to family and friends
  • Donate them to charity
  • Throw them away or dispose of them using your neighborhood disposal or recycling service
  • Keep them in storage
  • Sell them at a garage sale or through sites like eBay and Amazon

Prepare boxes and label each one according to where they’re going – whether it’s to your next home, to relatives, to charity, and others.

  1. Sort your belongings one room at a time

Start with the rooms with the most clutter and where you’ve likely stored your non-essentials, such as the attic or basement. Have your labeled boxes ready and sort objects based on where they’re going next.

In deciding what to do with an item, ask yourself if you truly need it, if it has material or sentimental value, and if it has a duplicate or multiples. Going through your possessions is often the most emotional part of the process so take your time in doing this. Ask family or friends to help you and share your feelings and thoughts about items that mean something to you. Then make the decision on where each item should go.

If you need to find a new home for an elderly relative or for yourself, the Miscella Real Estate team can help you. You can also rely on their assistance in moving to your next home. Call them at 630.232.1570 or send an email to You can also leave a message here.

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