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What a Real Estate Agent from Hell Would Probably Do

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Buying or selling a home in Fox River Valley? Don’t make the mistake of working with a real estate agent without vetting them first.

It’s easy to think all agents are the same, and one will do just as well as another. But what if you end up with a realtor from hell? Here are just some of the horrific things that can happen.

For Homebuyers:

  • They’ll waste your time looking at houses that don’t meet your criteria

A reliable Realtor will confine your home search only to properties they believe are right for you based on the criteria you provide.

On the other hand, some real estate agents are concerned only with the commission they’ll get. They will try to sell you houses their agency represents, or those that will make them the most money even when the properties don’t match your preferences. They might show you other houses only when you’ve said no to everything. By that time, you would have lost plenty of time and opportunities.

If you fall into the agent’s trap and make the mistake of buying a home that’s more expensive than you can afford, or one that’s too big or too small for you, your dream house can easily turn into a nightmare.

  • They’ll rush you into closing

Before you close a sale, it’s important to have a professional inspect the property to ensure it’s in the condition the seller presents it to be.

A realtor who doesn’t care about your needs might discourage you from doing these inspections. They fear you’ll uncover defects and delay the closing to negotiate repair costs or decide not to buy the house altogether.

  • They can hook you up with unscrupulous mortgage brokers

Many Realtors network with mortgage brokers or loan specialists to assist their clients in getting the right mortgage. An unreliable real estate agent may be allied with an equally unreliable loan specialist who will use their connections in getting you a loan you’re not really qualified for. In the end, you could end up with a heavy financial burden, or even lose your home to foreclosure.

For Home Sellers:

  • They’ll market your home at an unrealistic price

To get your business, some agents will list your property at a higher price than what other agents can commit to. While this may sound tempting, an overpriced home often sits on the market longer than necessary, which can lead buyers to think there’s something wrong with it. Eventually, you might have to take a significant price cut just so you can sell the property.

  • They don’t customize their marketing strategy

Agents stuck in the 90s follow the old 3Ps of home selling – Put a “For Sale” sign on the yard, Put the listing in the MLS, and Pray buyers will notice.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, you need to do more than that. A reliable agent will create a marketing plan tailored specifically to your home. They will help you with the new 3Ps of selling – Prepare your home for the sale, Price it right, and Promote it using various marketing tools, such as email blasts, flyers, social media, and others.

Avoid the false promises of an agent from “hell”. Work only with trusted Realtors in Fox River Valley. As one of the most successful and reputable real estate teams in the area, the local experts at Miscella Real Estate will always keep your needs in mind and spare no effort in helping you achieve your real estate goals. Call them at (630) 232-1570 or email info(at)miscella(dotted)com. You can also leave a message here.

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