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The Greatest Gift

Home ownership is known as the “American Dream” and it’s called that for a reason. One of the greatest and most rewarding experiences can be owning a home.

I, like most, remember my childhood homes and all the numerous memories made within those walls and in those yards.  No matter how insignificant those moments may seem at the time, they create memories that last for a lifetime.  For instance: neighborhood “hide and seek or kick the can” games, cartwheels progressing across the backyard, rehearsing cheerleading moves over and over, watching daughters come down the staircase in their prom dresses, remodeling experiences room by room, backyard marriage proposals and weddings, first driving lesson in the family car, playing catch with the football, neighborhood block parties or barbecues, bicycles flying down the driveway (look mom, no hands!).  Home ownership contributes to life’s satisfaction in many ways and gives us a great gift of comfort, security, warmth, pride, stability, plus a wonderful place to build traditions and host celebrations.

This past year I have been honored to help many families bid good-bye to their current homes and settle into a new one.  Now more than ever, homes have had to evolve to create offices, classrooms, gyms and outdoor entertainment.  Families have grown with the adoption of new pets.   Regardless of their layouts new homes provide the opportunity to welcome visitors, share meals, generate laughter, shed tears and watch infants progress into teenagers and grow into adults with their own homes.


Moving is more than a new address and as we age we realize that time spent with our loved ones is the greatest gift you’ll remember.  So as we go forward into a new year let us learn to take some additional time to explore, slow down and enjoy our home in all seasons of nature and life.  Create or continue traditions near and far, as those memorable childhood imprints are drafted one moment at a time.  Your well loved home with all its memories and blessings will be passed to a new steward one day, where it will become theirs to care for and to continue the legacy of the “American Dream”.



Written by: Debbie Gurley, Broker

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