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Support LivingWell Cancer Resource Center while out in Downtown Geneva

Miscella Real Estate will continue their tradition of collecting thoughtful, supportive and encouraging messages from local residents and visiting tourists and delivering these to LivingWell Cancer Resource Center.  These notes are then distributed to those who could use an uplifting message.


Miscella "Miss Ella" Garden


“Miss Ella” will be dressed and decorated for the month of October to promote and support breast cancer awareness month. Tags will be left out at the Miscella Garden located at the corner of Third Street and James Street right outside the Geneva post office in Downtown Geneva. Once tags are written, tie them onto the Weeping Evergreen, known as “Miss Ella”. Miscella Real Estate will make a donation for each tag written and donate to LivingWell in addition to passing along the notes of encouragement.




This is a perfect way to get outside while maintaining social distancing guidelines and enjoy fall and downtown Geneva. Support the community and those who could use uplifting thoughts during these times. Help Miscella increase the donation of $250 from 2019.

LivingWell Cancer Resource Center is a local organization that for fourteen years has been committed to ensuring people facing cancer feel empowered with knowledge, strengthened by action and sustained by the supportive community created by LivingWell. Their focus is to help cancer patients and their caregivers learn vital skills that enable them to regain control, reduce isolation and enhance their quality of life.


LivingWell Cancer Resource Center has created a beautiful supportive place offering free programs and services designed to strengthen, support, encourage, empower, educate and provide hope to patients with cancer and their families. Programs and services offered at LivingWell for children and family include; Education, Fitness & Yoga, Nutrition, Massage & Relaxation, Support Services, Art, Life After Cancer Programs


Inspired to donate to LivingWell Cancer Resource Center? They have several community events that support their cause in addition to accepting donations and ideas for new programming.

Follow the link for more information:


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